Brightline Remodeling

Role: Creative Director and Head Developer
Technology: HTML5, .LESS, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap

Brightline Remodeling is a locally-based renovation and electicial service contractor that's served the Chicagoland area since 2001. Up until now, they never found a deep need for any real advertising, as their customer base had been mostly European immigrants. However, things have been changing as they are now picking up more American customers who ask "do you have a website?"

With absolutely no branding whatsoever, it gave me a blank slate to build on.  I approached the site as a customer (I had hired Brightline to remodel my kitchen), and thus came up with the underlying message that rennovation isn't some expensive impossibility, but more reaching out to customers to "live in the home of your dreams". The color scheme consisted of warm tones to match the browns and tans many use in their renovations, with a more bright gold call-to-action to request a quote.

The Electrical page was more challenging, as it is not the most visually interesting of topics, so I wrote the copy in the sense of first urging customers not to try doing electrical work on their own, but then expanding the topic into potential home improvements Brightline could offer.

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