Revolt Amplification

Role: Creative Director and Head Developer
Technology: HTML5, .LESS, CSS3, Bootstrap, and Drupal

Revolt Amplification is a Chicago-based startup specializing in the design and development of high-end amplifiers and distortion pedals geared specifically towards rock and heavy metal musicians.

With a small budget for this project, I wanted to make sure the client received a quality website crafted to fit their brand. The layout is a balanced blend of elements from rock culture, the products themselves, and good practices in UI/UX. Too many sites in the heavy metal subculture make the mistake of light text on dark backgrounds with unreadable fonts. I wanted to do better for Revolt Amplification.

For the build, I wanted to take the client out of their past of static websites and into the modern age of the database-driven CMS. The ecommerce setup was tricky, as the client did not want to use a standard shopping cart, but instead their current system of PayPal buttons. Regardless, I layed out the product pages to keep the familiar feel most shoppers find in your typical shopping cart.

The client was overjoyed with the results, and has already seen a rise in their sales.

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